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Mini Punk Rock Giveaway!

Since the first one went swimmingly, I decided to give away some more random crap I have no use for!


1) Must be following me, operationivysaur!

2) Reblogs and likes count, as many times as ya like, pumpkins

3) I will ship ANYWHERE!

4) Only one winner babes

The giveaway ends August 1st, I’ll draw the winner at 6PM EST.


- Captain Morgan flask

Give ‘Em The Boot, DVD of live concert recordings (Hellcat Records bands)

- Patches (I have a fuck ton):
Judas Priest
Rolling Stones
The Clash
Dead Kennedys
UK Subs
Sex Pistols
The Ramones

- Joe Strummer tank top (Women’s M/L - could fit a boy that’s very slim, I have some belly and bigger boobs and it still fits me)

Good luck you pieces of trash!!!!!